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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Writer's Festival Field Trip @MTYP

We had an exciting was our first field trip of the year! The 3/4 team went to see author Kevin Sylvester at MTYP as part of the Winnipeg International Writer's Festival! We were not sure what to expect of this festival. I think many students were thinking that it might be "boring". However, I think those opinions had changed by the time we left! Kevin was engaging and funny. He kept the students' attention and inspired many to want to write and draw more!

Here are some pictures of our day!
The stage!

Meet...Kevin Sylvester!

These are the books he has written!

There was a draw for a book...and we won. Helen went to pick up our winnings ...

AND get our books autographed!

Not only is Kevin an author! He is also an illustrator!! He went through a 'cartoon clinic' with us and this was his message: use basic shapes in your drawings, never erase, turn "mistakes" into something 'cool' by adding lines and darkening other lines to make them stand out. We are going to work on this because we don't need to make our art "perfect"-that doesn't exist! He wants us to stay loose with the marker/pencil, etc. and 'go with the flow'!

We've read The Super Duper Monster Viewer in class, and might want to look into the Neil Flambe series!

Thanks for being good listeners on the field tip...I'm glad you had fun!

Until next time,