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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Community Art!

Our class has been working on a big art project since school started last week. It's so awesome to have support from an Art teacher! Ms Woods has great ideas and a wealth of knowledge. We really appreciate her help!

Day One! We started with a discussion about different types of lines. We looked at pictures of lines and talked about how so many types of lines occur in nature, in famous art pieces and pretty much anywhere you look! We noticed thick lines, thin lines, short lines, long lines, curvy lines, straight lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines...and a lot more! The next step was to practice making lines in different stations. We used paint, oil pastels and chalk pastels. We also each created a line on a big paper for a whole class project (well 4 pieces of paper taped together actually!). This line: had to go across the whole page, it had to be different from everyone else's line, and you had to use a warm colour (after a discussion about warm and cool colours).

Day Two! We cut the big piece of paper into 27 pieces! One for each student and each teacher. First we used some of our paper from the first day to cover some empty spaces. The paper had to fit in a space where it did not go over a line. Next we used oil pastels to outline the painted lines on our own piece. We filled in thereat of empty spaces with oil pastel. We used warm colours for the oil pastel parts. When we were ready, we used some cool colours to paint over the oil pastel spaces. Before the paint dried we used the other end of the brush to scratch lines into our painted section. The final task for the day was to select a favourite part of our own section and zoom in for a'll see why another day!

Today (after all the pieces had dried overnight) we had the task of putting the puzzle together. Let us tell you that it wasn't easy! We worked together to solve the puzzle and really loved the whole piece that we created as a community!

We aren't finished yet! Stay tuned!

Look what we've created together! It's a Room 123 Masterpiece :)

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