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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Terry Fox Run

Today we did the Terry Fox run at school. We watched a few videos, read about Terry and had a conversation about him being a hero (in Canada and around the world). Even though Terry is gone, his efforts are still making a difference today! I really wanted the students to push themselves and run as much as possible, thinking about how Terry never gave up...even when it would have been easier to quit. It always feels so powerful when an entire school runs together in support of this important cause. It was special to run with, run past, get passed by all my kiddos...great job everyone!
Thank you to everyone who was able to send in a donation for the Terry Fox Foundation. It is greatly appreciated :)
This Heritage Minute of The Marathon of Hope reminds us that we can all make a difference. Terry Fox will live as inspiration to all who hear his message.

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