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Sunday, 11 September 2016

#FreeChoiceFriday (in Math)

The first week of school went by so quickly! By Friday afternoon we actually remembered to slow down and take some pictures of what we've been up to!
On Fridays our Math focus will be to choose your own Math adventure! We are calling it #FreeChoiceFriday. The task is to choose a Math activity and use Math language to explain what we are doing and learning. The intent is to realize that Math is all around us and is ready to be explored in many different ways! The criteria is to use what we have in the class: all the manipulatives we have in the room, paper, whiteboards, etc. to explore different Math concepts. 
Here are some pictures showing what one of the groups decided to do.
Step 1: Build a structure using place value blocks.
Step 2: Make an estimate of the value of the structure and write it down.
Step 3: Find the actual value of the structure and see who had the closest estimate!

The Estimates!
The Actual Value of the Place Value Blocks

#FreeChoiceFriday was a hit! The group was really excited to get some hands on learning and explore the room a bit since everything is still quite new. Looking forward to next week!

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