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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Classroom Library Makeover!

Today's inquiry was all about rethinking our classroom library! We have a lot of picture books...but they were all crammed on one large bookshelf. There was no way that anyone wanted to choose a book from there because it was overwhelming to even look at!
It is a work in progress!
First we set some criteria about the task at hand: Work together to sort the books, listen to each other's ideas, compromise if needed, etc. The kids did a great job thinking about what made sense when sorting the books. It may have looked like a mess in the room, but it is all coming together now!
We will post more pictures once we are all finished!
Mid Sort!

Some of the groupings

Almost empty shelf...ready for some organized books!

I'm really impressed with the way the class worked together. They were really engaged in this process. We decided that not all the books need to be out at one time. Some of the books are put away in their organized piles. We can get them out as we need them. Now we at least know what books we have available! The books we kept out for now are based on the topics that some of us are most intrigued to learn more about (Culture, Canada, Animals, Math, Structures and Poetry). We all wrote down our interests on post it notes yesterday. That helped us to narrow down which books could stay out and which books we can put away for a bit!

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