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Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Already?!

What a week!
We were super busy this week and next week is already shaping up to be super busy as well! You know what they say...time flies when you are having fun :)
*I have added some reminders to the bottom of the page that I hope you find helpful!

Here is a photo of our "Zoom" art bulletin board I was talking about in yesterday's post. We are calling this Zoom because we zoomed into our favourite part of our own work...then zoomed out to create the same look on a larger scale!


Thank you to the 3 students who have their work on display in the class. Sorry we couldn't fit all of them in the hall, but it is also nice to be able to see some of our work anytime we want!

-Field Trip note went home today. Please sign and return ASAP (thank you in advance)
-Please help your child to remember to being his or her reading log (purple folder) each day
-Terry Fox note also went home today

Have a great weekend!!!
Until next time...

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