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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Odds and Ends

This post is dedicated to serve as reminders for families!
I totally forgot to remind the class that tomorrow is library day. Please return library books tomorrow if you need to choose new ones! Library is on Day 2. I had a request from a parent to have a timetable for home. I made some copies, so if anyone would like to have a timetable for home just ask your child to bring one for you. That way you will know when we have phys. ed, music, French, etc. Also-we are going to be doing outdoor education (cooperative learning games and activities) during our gym time on Day 6 with Cathy, so please have your child dress for the weather on those days :) As you know, we are currently working a lot with Murray doing an inquiry project on ancient civilizations. We will be working with Murray each day (except Day 4 because it is Yoga day), so our timetable may have some slight changes to it. We are fortunate to have integrated inquiry until Murray until the Winter break! Soon we will have finalized plans for a Halloween celebration. We will share those plans with you ASAP.

What's Coming?
-No School on Friday
-Fun Lunch is October 28
-School photo proofs have been sent home. If you plan on ordering please send in your order (or as I hear you can also order online)
-Information on this year's school fundraiser will be coming soon!

Home Reading Folder:
-Please remember to check or help your child with his or her home reading. At the end of the week the sheet should be filled out (including all questions). This will make it easier for your child total the amount of minutes they read each month. At the end of the month if you want to help do the monthly totals that would be great! Try to have your child figure it out since it's a great opportunity for problem solving. Don't forget to only do the days for the given month! You may need to add/subtract minutes from a different week!
-Students should be bringing their home reading everyday. We need them at school for different purposes (Ask Me questions on Fridays, I look at them on Mondays/Tuesdays, first of the month we graph our monthly reading minutes, Day 1 word sort words go home). One of the first things the students do is hand in the reading folder each morning. They pick them up in their mailboxes at the end of the day.
-Ask Me questions are written on Friday and are 'homework' for the weekend. Parents ask their child the question and the child answers by talking about the question, then writing down an answer that I read at school. The Ask Me question is a question that refers to something we have learned at school that week. It is meant as a conversation starter. It is my hope that doing this activity gets children talking to their parents about their learning.
-Word sorts come home on Day 1. We do Words Their Way activities on Days 1,3,5. All the 3/4s are working together so kids can work with their peers on sorts that are 'just right' for them. We give new sorts on Day 3. Students sort the words and write the rule for sorting. On Day 5 and Day 1 they do alphabetical order, sentence writing and other activities (if they have time). We are sending the words home after we are done at school so you can continue to work on the sorts at home if needed. Please take the words out so we can put new words in the bag! There is a green sheet in the home reading folder with more information about word sorts!

I think that was everything I wanted to say for now.
Have a lovely evening (Go Jets Go!)
Until next time,

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