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Friday, 7 October 2016

Happy Fri-Yay!

Another week has gone by! Here's a glimpse of our Fun Friday! We did some outdoor education games with Cathy as part of our phys. ed time and we also played board games with our learning buddies.
We will be doing outdoor education regularly throughout the school year! Today was our first session!
Cathy taught us a 'follow the leader' type activity where you had to follow the actions someone was doing (without making it obvious who the leader was) and someone had to guess who the leader was. This sure got us moving! Next we played a game about animals sourcing resources they need to live (food, shelter and water) and how resources get depleted when the animal population is high.
 That crisp Autumn air didn't keep us inside!

Here are some of the games we played today with our learning buddies. It was a terrific way to end the week!
 We will have to do this again!!!

-No School on Monday. 
-It is photo day on Tuesday
-Book orders are due October 12th
-Student Description forms are due ASAP
-Fun Lunch is coming up...don't forget to hand in your order!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family.
I'm so thankful for such a great class :)

Until next time,

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