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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ancient Civilizations

We checked out some objects that range from music to number systems to photographs of teachers on vacation to myths and legends to sports to maps and architecture! Then we formed questions about what we are thinking, noticing and wondering. We are a curious bunch! I'm really proud and excited about all the great questions the class has thought of and how engaged they've been throughout the inquiry process!

These are our "Learning Logs"...well actually were aren't sure if we like the name and might change it!
We use these for documenting our inquiry process, as well as other ideas and work we want to easily go back and look at and reflect on. The students did a great job s with the Zentangles they had been working so hard on :)
Today we reflected on the questions we generated yesterday, did a knowledge circle and decided on things we were really, REALLY were curious about.

Sharing thoughts, ideas and questions with each other generated even more ideas! 

Here is a list of things we are curious about (in relation to Ancient Civilizations) and in no particular order!
- Colosseum, Ancient Egypt, Pyramids, Knights, Ancient Greece, Sphinx, Easter Island, Myths, Ancient Rome, Gladiators, Castles, Samurai, Homes, War and Peace, Food (what they ate and where they got food from), Carvings, How people learned, How can statues still be standing after all that time, Language (spoken and written and how language has evolved), Mythical creatures, Warriors, Boats, Buildings/Architecture, Pompeii, Rulers, Evolution of sports, Life span (reasons for shorter lifespan...medicine, war, disease, etc.)
Then came more time to think and with that came even more ideas!
-Mail (how did they get mail), Volcanoes, Leisure (what did they do for fun, games, etc.), Were there animals that helped them hunt, Vikings, Formation of New World Countries (how and when did that happen), How did a city get planned out, Where did seeds come from (for planting), Tools and weapons from ancient societies, Books (where did information get written: were there scrolls and paper?), Cooking (how did they heat food and how was food like bread invented), Clothing and textiles, Celebrations/rituals/holidays/traditions, Seasons/climate, Animals (pets?), Burials, Were there different groups within the same culture, Colours (how did they get colour for paint, art, etc.), Names (significance, last names?, god/goddess meanings?), Eye glasses, Bones and fossils, Instruments (music and songs), Uses of animals (besides just for food), How did they remember things (draw, write things down?), Date/time/calendar, What kind of furniture was there, Plants (did they know they had to renew resources like replant?), Water (where did it come from, how did they filter it, etc.), How did they wash themselves, Where was the bathroom

WOW!! I hope you are impressed! I sure am. I can't wait for us to continue the process. Next steps are for us to sort through all these questions and wonderings and see where our curious minds take us!
~Until next time!

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