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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The 4Cs In Action!

Ancient Civilization Tube People are in full force!

The class is really enjoying the process of "Making". It is important that we understand that this is a process and it is not all about the end product. The students are using the language of the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity). A project like this is a great way to demonstrate all the 4C skills. The students are working within groups based on interest. They are creating their own "tube people", but they are also using each other to communicate thoughts and ideas and to collaborate together to choose features and accessories that make sense. Critical thinking is a skill that helps students make their work even better. Something didn't work...why?...what can you change to make it work this time?...something didn't look right...what else could you try? Then of course there is creativity. Just take one look at our projects and you will see the creativity flowing!
We started with making a 'blueprint' based on the pictures we chose and the previous sketches we had made. What do you want your person to look like and what materials do you think you'll need. We painted the tubes where we wanted there to be skin colour. The rest will be covered in materials for clothing, etc. Now it was time to add features for the face.

We got a lot of faces finished. Many people now have hair and other accessories that are adding a lot of creativity and character to our projects.

Next Steps:

We will continue to work on our tube people today and continue to use the 4Cs during our design process. We will ask each other questions and for opinions and make adjustments as we need to. We will look at each other's work and get inspired from that too. I can't wait to continue this learning journey and see what these kids will come up with next!!

You can look forward to more pictures later on today!!!

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