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Friday, 25 November 2016

First Snowfall!

We were pretty excited this finally snowed! We just had to enjoy "Mother Nature's Maker Space" and get outdoors for Outdoor Education!  First we played a tag game with Cathy where we had two foxes and a lot of geese. The foxes were looking for food (in the form of geese)! You had to stay on the lines we made in the snow. Once you were tagged/ "eaten" you moved to the second area and played the same game (and wne bak and forth between games). That got our hearts pumping! After that we had "Maker" time and created things with snow, twigs and leaves (twigs that had already fallen to the ground-no breaking twigs off branches). Check out our day!
Our tag area...stick to the path!

Run, Run, Run!

The making of a fort!

The base of a snowman!

Sticky snow for making is the best!

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